I had the fabulous opportunity to be invited to help out backstage at London Fashion Men’s for another season!

This internship has meant a lot to me, and on top of all my admin duties, I’ve been able to take photos backstage, watch shows, sit in the press pit, and speak to Christopher Raeburn – the man himself!

My favourite shows were definitely Katie Eary and Sibling.

Katie Eary managed to create  a wacky slightly sexy ‘Retro Pyjama Show’!

She used a palette of bright oranges, yellows, purples and pinks within her collection- some of the boys even had teddies!


Sibling as always, managed to bring the fun element to their show – think youthful teens, bright patriotic colours and a tad of glitter. They of course used the ever beautiful Johan Burjack (bottom right), may his eyebrows be forever thick and damn right fabulous.


All done and dusted, bring on womens wear!

Ciao X.

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