Seeing as I’ve just started this blog up, I thought it would be nice to talk about some of my old adventures. Last year I visited Paris with my boyfriend for five days and we had an amazing time, visiting everything from the Eiffel Tower right through to the Catacombes.

After a short flight and me demanding to play forty games of rummy, we arrived in beautiful Paris and took a bus (costing about 30 euros return from the airport), to the Arc de Triomphe, which was extremely close to where we were staying!




We had already decided to travel with airbnb, with it being so cheap, safe and giving us access to cooking facilities. The room was gorgeous and extremely French, I particularly loved the french windows and the small courtyard they over looked. I felt like a true Parisian. You can click here to see the room we stayed in!


The next day we decided to visit the Louvre. Be warned, do not do what we did and sleep in, as by the time we got there, the queues were crazy long! So instead, we got on a Bateau Boat, where a student day pass was just 11 euros! We went up the Seine and visited everything from Notre Dame through to the Jardin des Plantes.


The next day, we had another small disaster. We were first in line for the Eiffel Tower, ready with our pain au chocolat to fuel us up the the tower. We had even made sure to get up extra early that morning. And then, everyone went on strike. Fantastic.




So then we took a long walk to the Catacombes, and although we queued for four hours, it was definitely worth it! – We even made friends with some nice Australian family, who we tag teamed with holding each others places in line when one of us wanted to get food or go to the toilet.


Later on we had a romantic evening looking at the Eiffel Tower as it began to sparkle. One of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Keep scrolling to see a video of the tower in true sparkliness!



The next day we eventually got to visit Le Louvre! It is absolutely huge but I completely recommend it to anyone – arty or not, even my boyfriend enjoyed it and he’s about as artistic as a blunt pencil (sorry Kieran).



We were able to finish off the day with a visit up the Arc De Triomphe, it has fantastic views of the city, and is a good , cheap alternative to the Eiffel Tower, plus students can go for free!



We also had some fantastic cocktails at a local bar and headed out for a meal on Champ Elysee.



Overall, a fantastic trip, which was concluded with a romantic glass of Prosecco sat in front of the tower!



I took a few video clips as well and compiled them into a Youtube video!






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