So over the Summer I was really lucky to visit the beautiful Island, Madeira. Located just off Portugal, and known widely for their cake, wine and warmth I knew i’d be quick to fall in love.

We were able to visit the beautiful Botanical Gardens via the cable cars, which gave us a gorgeous view of the capital, Funchal.


The gardens themselves were situated in acres of greenery and flowers, a photographers dream.



We also visited the Old Town in Funchal, with its artistic doors and tiny cafes, it was a haven of quirkyness.



The hotel itself, the Pestana Bay Ocean Hotel, had a beautiful view of the ocean, and we even managed to make friends with the local wildlife.



Nearby the hotel was a natural swimming pool, which really was one of the highlights of the holiday – just make sure you’re a strong swimmer, my mum learnt her lesson when she toppled over the wall into the sea..




Although I wasn’t able to catch many photos, we also went on a dolphin boat trip, which was absolutely worth every minute! – We even managed to get a glimpse of a whale!



I’ve also uploaded a series of video clips onto youtube, which you can view below!


Ciao. X

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