Williamson Park

Last weekend I decided to actually get out of the bed, out of the house and even managed to walk a whole ten minutes up the road to Williamson Park; Home to the beautiful Ashton Memorial, a butterfly house and mini beast and bird house. Unfortunately the butterfly house was closed due to conservation – but i’m sure I can bore you with another blog post about that at a later date.

Ashton Memorial was built around the beginning of the 1900’s by millionaire Lord Ashton, in memory of his late second wife. The building itself is set in a beautiful area, surrounded by trees and grassland, with a view across both Lancaster and Morecambe – you can even see the sea!



Beyond Ashton Memorial is the residency to the Meerkats, who seemed to love watching the planes in the sky!


These guys were situated right next to both the rabbits, birds and the bug house!


But this chameleon was definitely my favourite guy!

I’ve also got a few video clips as well which you can view below!


Ciao. X



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