I couldn’t resist blogging about this absolutely amazing show I worked on today! Ryan Lo  was able to embody emo, pastel and doll into his catwalk show earlier on today. Think big eyelashes, crazy long hair and a Hello Kitty collaboration.

The makeup, by Mac, was beautiful. Each model had three sets of eyelashes; on the upper lid, lower lid and then just above the crease as well. The eye shadow was a palette of pastels, accompanied with majorly winged black eyeliner. The look was completed with a white substance added under the eyes, to create a ‘wide-eyed’ doll effect.



The hair, by Sam McKnight, was created using extension pieces; both used for fringes and the elongate the the hair. The pastel theme was also continued through the hair pieces a well, complimenting the makeup and ever adding to the emo doll appearance.



The set for the show was an array of pinks, purples, blues and oranges. All in all, an urban pastel jungle – it actually manages to make rubbish bins look pretty!



As for the collection itself, it compliments both the set, hair and makeup perfectly. With crazy pastel patterns, full skirts, and puff sleeves.



All in all, an amazing show. And you can see all the looks here!

Ciao. X

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