So I have FINALLY managed to edit over 1,500 photos to just over 400 of the best; And now to cut down to even less for this blog post!

What can I say. Fashion Week was an absolute whirlwind of sequins, eyelashes, hair extensions, yellow brick roads and general backstage mayhem. Over the five days I was able to help out on and watch over 20 beautifully executed shows, some of which i’ll talk a little more about below!


Teatum Jones

Although I wasn’t able to watch the show, I was able to get some beautiful backstage shots of some of the girls. One of my favourite pieces was the over-sized off the shoulder jumper which set off the frame of the model beautifully.





Wow. What can I say other than a glittery, sparkly, colourful, OTT, AMAZING! Not only were these models dressed in head to toe sequins, but they all had individually painted on tribal masks. And I can tell you now, backstage looked like a glitter bomb after they left.



Ashley Williams

Now not only was the collection super cool, but the set was actually incredible. Swing sets, benches, play cars, shopping trolleys – an urban jungle of youth perhaps?



Eudon Choi

The catwalk was a real earthy toned, extremely wearable collection. In particular I really loved the grey coat, layered over a grey skirt, jumper and blue shirt but also the use of satin lime green moved beautifully.



Paula Knorr

The Paula Knorr presentation was shown beautifully, with huge amounts of metallic and electric pinks. On top of this, they also had pop duo MADSIUSOVANDA, perform live!



Natasha Zinko

Pink polka dots, blue bunnies and white wooden floors. This presentation was executed beautifully – with the added bonus of freebies!




I was truly honoured to help in the production of this show. The catwalk space itself was beautiful. Unfortunately I was unable to get a great photo, but there were beautiful dials hanging from the ceiling with large, transparent, geometric shapes. What was most lovely about the show was the tribute to the passing of Richard Nicoll, where one model glided down the runway, in pantone blue to the sound of Michael Nyman live on piano.



All in all, an amazing few days. And below you can view the highlights of the event.

Ciao. X

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