3rd Year

Apologies. I understand it’s been FIVE months since my last post… what with my internship and starting back at University i’ve been really busy. But I promise you i’m still here and I am making a promise to myself to start blogging more often.

So – Third Year. After 16 years, this is the final hurdle and I am SO ready to get a job and start my life. So get ready for some of my random thought processes on everything that’s happened so far. Enjoy.

This year has seen some big changes for me… as I am no longer living as a singleton and have decided to live with my Grace, her boyfriend, Sam, and my boyfriend.. much to the delight of my mother and father. Don’t worry, i’ll do well in my exams so stop fretting! After a trial run during my internship down in London where we lived together, we decided we wouldn’t stab each other (quite yet.. still plenty of time) and to make things a little more permanent.

DSC_0884Image includes: Tommy Girl, David Beckham, Poison by Dior, La Mania and Jean Paul Gaultier perfume\

What I have learned though, is never to mix colours and whites again, boys are extremely messy, and I am always going to be the cleaner and he is always going to be the cook.. god helps us both.


With regards to decorating my room, i’ve managed to utilise six different sets of fairy lights (one of the sets is 20 metres long) and various amounts of dream catchers which you’ll see through out this post. Kieran has managed to pull one set down already, after deciding to punch the air as some kind of anger relief.. please, don’t do this.. i’ve gone through too many sets of command clips to talk about.

DSC_0882Unicorn Fairy lights from TK Max
DSC_0879Dream Catcher, gifted



One thing I have to say about third year is that the work load has massively increased since last year.. like hugely. I was pretty happy with my almost empty timetable, but once I added in seminars, group work, extra-reading, essay-writing, and of course the Thursday night pub quiz at Study Rooms (knowing the theme tune of Jeremy Kyle is a crucial part of my education and ain’t nobody allowed to say otherwise), I pretty much have had no time to myself (thus my lack of blogging). So for everyone lucky enough to be in second year, first year.. or even at School or College.. ENJOY IT WHILE YOU CAN.


Another thing I really need to start doing this year is reading more.. someone please give some suggestion for crime fiction, I need my fix! Normally I just binge read about 12 books when I go on holiday, but being too busy and too poor holidays have been out of the question this year, and my need to read is killing me!

DSC_0896Bedding all from Primark

Apologies for this being so short, but I promise this will get more interesting before the year is out (this year has gone too quickly), already got some ideas for a Christmas inspired post and some events going on in Lancaster. Bye for now!

Ciao. X


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