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So this will be my first ever blog post where I wont be using my own photography – but since starting up my new Pinterest Board ‘House Ideas‘, i’ve felt a real need to share with you everything i’ve found!

As you can guess from the featured image, blue is one of my absolute favourite colours; turquoise, duck egg, electric, baby, teal, I can’t get enough. Therefore, this piece will mainly focus on looking at the different shades of blue and how they have been incorporated into some of the most beautiful interior pieces and accessories. But there will definitely be elements of gold, white, grey and other more neutral pieces as well.

According to Empowered by Colour, blue has been known to help reduce stress whilst creating an environment of calmness and relaxation, which is what makes it so perfect for interiors!




The Scandinavian Design movement during the 50’s has become the phrase of the year. it combines minimalism, simplicity and functionality and can be most notably reflected through the IKEA brand.

Below are some of my favourite Scandinavian pieces


These beautiful hanging lights really embody simplicity and functionality. They would look beautiful hanging over a large wooden dining table or kitchen island and the neutral blue tones allow for a tranquil, calming aesthetic.


I absolutely love faux fur throws and chair covers. Cuddled up by the fire during a cold Scandinavian winter with a hot chocolate and warm fluffy blankets and a great book, what could be more cosy and more chic?


This gorgeous crockery in turquoise and teal is perfectly simplistic and functional. It appears almost tropical, a subtle reminder of Summer, but the cool tones in the blue allow for these pieces to be eaten from all year round.


Just because this design is about simplicity, doesn’t mean we can’t add a little sparkle here and there. These gold whicker baskets are perfect to liven up any room in the house! Whether used for your dirty laundry, clean towels or simply because they shine.




This has to be one of my favourite interior themes. it’s bold, it’s unconventional, it’s allowed to be messy whilst still looking chic. There are no set rules which means you can experiment with bold colours and fill every nook and cranny with art, lights and decorative accessories


Mismatched decorative tiles bring this bathroom to life. It’s extremely artistic but also gives off a laid back vibe. It’s also incredibly easy to do and sets off the wood of the table beautifully.

7ffb1b8c215d00e2d8b384968d492353 (1).jpg

Whether you make them yourselves, go to a high-end interiors shop or a car-boot sale, patterned ceramic bowls liven up a room, look beautiful and are extremely bohemian. Piled up high, again, create this messy but chic display of boho and add an element of needed chaos.. they will also give you something to appreciate whilst you’re eating!


What is more bohemian that naturally occurring coloured marble? Coasters are often over-looked and rimmed with coffee stains, but I can assure you that these beautiful coasters will breath life into setting your mug down. And the electroplated metallic, gold edges contrast beautifully against the different tones and shades of blue.


The bohemian life is all about chaos and unconventional living, so what could be more eco-friendly and crazy than plants in an array of different coloured and sized pots. This would be beautiful in nearly any room in a house you could even get creative coming up with your own designs.




This revived time period can often overlap with the Scandinavian design, but they are able to individualise themselves through their use of bold colour and velvety materials to give a more luxurious feel.


This funky seashell style chair is a perfect set off to a slightly less flamboyant living room (or equally as flamboyant if you’re brave enough!). The gold legs mean you would be able to add a bit of bling to the room whilst remaining stylish and accurate to the design time period.


The 70’s was the time of the Martini, and what would be more fitting than a time period classic; the two tone glass. The simplistic design mixed with the bold blue colour is a perfect way to liven up a dinner party, add some golden or orange touches for a true 70’s vibe.


This velvety blue 70’s style sofa is a perfect centre piece for a living room. It enraptures a decade of style and fun and is the perfect chic touch for those willing to play with some darker colours. Off-set with the lightness of the room, the sofa really is a luxurious work of art.

b46da37f7bbaa1e14109beef292f1304 (1).jpg

This 70’s modern revival clock is a perfect addition to a kitchen or bathroom. It’s extremely minimalistic whilst the light blue tones give off an ocean vibe. It will be easy to watch time go by with this calming, simplistic clock.


I hope you have enjoyed my first interiors edit, stay tuned for more lifestyle and fashion posts in the up-coming year!

Ciao. X

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