I’d been looking forward to Saturday for quite some time.. finally, a vintage fair in Lancaster! Somebody was not only acknowledging our small city, but willingly choosing to visit us.

So fair enough.. we have had a vintage kilo sale in Lancaster before, but I found it to be more of a jumble sale than anything. This place was an actual treasure trove. Vintage business owners each had their own areas to set up their stalls, in hope of stealing some of our hard earned student loans (and also a lot of old peoples pensions!) in exchange for beautiful second hand goods.


There was everything from vintage style Hermes scarves, to Winnie The Pooh Denim jackets, through to American style plaid mini-skirts. Kind of a beautiful mess? If that makes any sense…


And it wasn’t just clothing! There was also a tea-room style cafe, with some beautiful cakes as well as interiors and an in-house retro hairstylist (unfortunately I didn’t get any photo’s of the hairstylist in action but it looked lovely!).

Now I must mention I did drag Kieran along to this.. and he was fairly enjoying himself, until he heard my gasp of excitement at something i’d found….


Yes. I found the vintage wedding dresses. He sighed and walked off, whilst I had an extremely in-depth chat with the lady working the stall, regarding silhouettes, accessories, and essentially setting up a consultation appointment. The dresses were beautiful, you only have to see the image above of the fabrics to fall in love with them.


There was also a lovely singer on during the day as well called Bexi Owen. I actually thought it was just vintage music on in the background played from an CD she was that good!


Essentially it was a really lovely morning, and although I didn’t make any purchases myself (I was way too busy trying to photograph everything!), i’d recommend Lulu’s Vintage Fair to anyone.. and it’s worth the travel if you do live far away from the venue!


Ciao! X

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