I had the most beautiful surprise this week! As some of you may know, I volunteer at Animal Care in Lancaster, a rescue centre for Cats, Dogs, Hamsters, Rabbits, Goats and many more cute creatures!

Well this week, as I was looking through the dogs available to walk (Kieran wanted a big dog… oops), and I saw two very fluffy faces I hadn’t seen before. Whisper the Pomeranian and Mishka the Pekingese! Both are absolutely gorgeous and full of life!


For a long time I have been obsessed with Pomeranians (and now Pekingese), and to be able to cuddle up with them has been an amazing experience for me, and really confirmed I need one (or two) of these beauties in my life (sorry Kieran, no big manly dogs for you!). If it wasn’t for student accommodation, I’d be cuddling them both right now in bed.


I think there is sometimes a little bit of a stigma around Poms/ Pekingese being more of a ‘handbag’ dog. And as much as they are absolutely gorgeous fluff balls, they are a lot more than a cute dog! Having recently tried to convince family and not so willing boyfriend that this breed is the best things ever (through a beautifully constructed powerpoint presentation, including effects and references), I stumbled across a few facts that need to be heard to remove this stigma!

  1.  Life-span. They may be small, but these dogs can live longer than most other breeds. Up to 15 years!
  2. Intelligence. Just behind labs, Pomeranians are in the second highest grouping of intelligent dogs.
  3. Poms are the doggy’s of Queens, Presidents and artists.
  4. They survived the Titanic!
  5. Most health issues experienced by Poms can be seen in the parents of the dog, so it leaves you less likely to have an unwell dog.
  6. They make excellent guard dogs (small but mighty)


If you are planning on getting any dog though, I highly recommend adopting, There are so many dogs in Animal Care in need of a loving home, including Ralph, who’s been here for around two months! He’s a bundle of energy and loves running around with us humans.



Below i’ve attached a video of Whisper and Mishka and all the fun I’ve had with them these past few days. They aren’t quite ready to be adopted yet, but both deserve a good home with someone who can give them all the attention they need. Bear in mind that Mishka will start to hyperventilate if you’re giving attention to Whisper and not her!


Ciao. X

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