Do you not find it really ironic that often you need to be living in a large city in order to buy products that will help you live a healthier, more ethical lifestyle, when often you’re surrounded by pollution and multinational corporations? Buying these products shouldn’t just be a niche for the City dwelling, middle class. It should be for everyone.

So my biggest issue right now, is animal testing in the cosmetics industry. We all know that biggies like the Bodyshop and LUSH are advocates for cruelty-free products, but being a student, I can’t afford to spend £16 on a face cream. So how can we shop ethically and not run into our overdrafts? I’ve compiled a list of all my cosmetics, moisturisers and hair care essentials that you can buy on the high-street without breaking the bank.


Hair-Care. I think Shampoo and Conditioner is often over-looked in terms of how it’s manufactured. But the last thing I want is for an animal to suffer just so my hair is a little shinier. I’m currently using the Andrew Barton range after receiving the S.O.S range for Christmas. Normally, it’s pretty pricey at £5 for 250ml. However, it’s currently in Pound World (guess the price, I dare you.), in full-size tubes! And of course, is not tested on Animals. 


Hand Cream. Normally, I don’t use hand cream, but I got this in a gift-set for                Christmas and it smells so amazing, I’m always using it! Although they aren’t currently selling this by itself online, there are similar hand creams that they stock that are also cruelty-free, with the Mini’s (30ml) starting at just £3!

T.K. Maxx – £4.99

Body Scrub. I have actually just bought this from T.K Maxx, having ran out of my Zoella Body Scrub (also cruelty-free). However, I have seen some previews reviews of SUKIN which were all really positive. I absolutely LOVE TK Maxx at the moment. It’s full of so many cosmetic/ body care bargains, of which many are cruelty-free.

In addition, I am also currently using these cruelty-free products in the bathroom:

Marks and Spencer Shower Cream

BodyCare Tea Tree Face Wash (Currently not available online)

SOAP & GLORY – £10

Body Butter. Where would I BE without Soap & Glory! I was actually really worried that this brand would use animal testing, as it is so widely known/ recognised! But they do have this statement on their website

‘We understand that animal testing is a key concern for a growing number of consumers and at Soap & Glory, we can confidently state that all of our formulations are safety and efficacy tested on people.’

Although a little more pricey than some of the other products on this page, I can’t fault the brand or this particular product. I often suffer from dry itchy skin on my legs, and this cream works wonders and makes me smell INCREDIBLE!


Face Cream. This is another recent purchase, but from Superdrug‘s own range after finding out that Nivea test on animals. Please do join me in boycotting them. Although I wasn’t blown away by the very basic, weirdly coloured packaging, the cream works just as well as Nivea’s, and smells really fresh! It’s also really cheap and currently on offer for £2.49.

KIKO – £12.90/ N/A

Makeup. Most of the makeup I wear is from Kiko. The Brand is completely against animal testing and is also pretty cheap! I don’t wear a lot of makeup on a day-to-day basis, other than primer, eyeshadow and eyeliner, and Kiko’s radiance boosting primer is all i’ve used for the past six months! It’s really light and moisturising and is fairly cheap at £12.90. Unfortunately, the eyeliner in my photo is no longer available, but there is a newer version, retailing at £6.90 on their website.

I also use an eyebrow kit from Accessorize, and mascara from Boots, which are both cruelty free (and a little too gross to take an up-close picture of!). Both are no longer available online but both retailed for under £10, and alternatives of the mascara are available!


SOAP & GLORY – £7.00

Recommended. So this isn’t really a necessity, BUT it is amazing. The Spritz Me Quick by Soap and Glory is basically a moisture mist for when you’re in a hurry and literally need a ‘spritz’. I normally spray this on after doing my makeup and again half way through the day. It’s really light and has that amazing original Soap and Glory smell! Perfect for festival season. It retails at £7 and the brand always has a 3 for 2 offer on in Boots, so treat yourself to some cruelty-free pamper products!

So there you have it, an affordable, high-street collection of body products you can trust, inside and out. All I need to do now, is find a decent deodorant and eyeshadow palette and then I can declare myself animal cruelty-free!

Ciao. x



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