I can not describe how EXCITED I am to be going on holiday – it’s been a while, and I can honestly say I deserve it after the (still commensing) blood bath of exams i’ve been through. But yes, I will be jetting off to sunny Rhodes in Greece, to the beautiful Electra Palace Hotel, in just a matter of weeks. It will be the first relaxing holiday I go on with Kieran, with our last holiday being to Paris back in 2016!

I’ve always had a fascination with the beautiful blue and white buildings they have in Greece. You know, those ones that look way too clean to last more than an hour in the UK, with the plain white walls and curved deep blue roofs? Well, I decided to use a lot of these tones whilst planning my holiday wardrobe. And if you’re feeling kind, you can also give me a quick follow on Pinterest, to keep up with my compulsive fascination with creating boards (which by the way, is great for procrastination)!

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 23.07.34.png


Anyway, i’ve collated a photo-list of some of my favourite buys, including the best places to find affordable cruelty-free sun-cream and other products!



Above are a mixture of items from Primark and New Look. All of the tops were under £10 each, and the skirt (From New Look), was £19.99. The shorts were around £12-14.00 (From Primark).

What I love about all these items, is they are so easy to mix and match! They can also be easily worn with flip-flops to dress-down for the day, or paired with exaggerated accessories for an evening spruce-up.


I love this dress from Zara, it retails at around £16-17 and is made from a flannel-type, light material, that is to wear day or night. It’s also really comfortable to wear, making it one of my favourite pieces!



This midi skirt is perfect for Grecian weather due to the light and ‘flowy’ material it’s made from. I think i’ll probably end up wearing this when we decide to explore outside of the hotel. The last thing I want to be feeling away from the comforts of air-con is being sweaty in tight clothing! This item was also from Primark, and although I can’t remember the exact price, it wasn’t expensive at all!




I really struggled this year to find a bikini that I really liked that fit me properly. Most online retailers/ high street shops will only sell bikinis in normal clothing sizes (e.g. size 10 and 12), and what I really needed was a properly fitted bikini.. I mean who even is a size 10 on the bottom AND top? Boohoo and Missguided… PLEASE can you make proper sized bikinis for people who actually have boobs!

Luckily, ASOS came to the rescue! They actually had a huge selection of properly-sized bikinis, but I am super fussy when it comes to design (and also fitting my niche, blue-white summer wardrobe). So I finally settled on this pretty crochet bunny tie bikini in white. This colour was a hugely bold choice for me, because being so pale, white often washes me out.. i’m hoping a little fake tan might help to make me look like less of a ghost… hopefully! It was also fairly reasonably priced as far as bikinis go, at £30 for the set.

The accessories I paired with it are also from Primark, and I am absolutely IN LOVE with the geometric blue design on the flip-flops.


Leaving the best till last, is my favourite purchase, a lace-style white kimono from TK Maxx. I had been looking all over the internet for a really beautiful, romantic style kimono and was OVER THE MOON when I found this for £17. I love it so much, I’m actually scared I won’t wear it incase I somehow manage to ruin it. It is still available online, so I highly suggest purchasing now!


Although not necessarily clothing, this was another amazing purchase from TK Maxx, and this bag is both gorgeous and HUGE. It was around £20 and worth every penny, and I absolutely love the colours used in the pattern.

Inside I’ve displayed a watermelon styled towel, sunglasses and Unicorn slippers, all from Primark. Although they don’t necessarily fit my ‘theme’ in terms of colour, the flip-flops will be perfect for lazing round the pool in, and well, the towel is literally a watermelon, who could say no to that?



So, as you may know, I recently discovered that ALL of Superdrugs’ own-range is cruelty-free. As much as I love shops like Lush and The Bodyshop, who are strong advocates of this sort of thing, they are so over-priced, and we shouldn’t have to be paying more to not buy products tested on animals, it should be the other way round!

Anyway, I ended up buying all my suncream and after-sun from Superdrug own-range ‘Solait’. They had a huge variety, so I ended up buying three different versions of the suncream (which are currently on a ‘Buy 1, get 2nd 1/2 price’ offer). The three varieties were; a factor 30 spray-on; a huuuge factor 30, 400ml moisturising cream and a factor 30 tan activating cream. Along with the after-sun, all four came to around £20, which I thought was pretty good!

Additionally from Superdrug, I have my beloved Solait gradual tan lotion and overnight face tanning mask, which will be perfect to start applying a few days before we leave for out hols. As well as this, I also got a new conditioning spray. My old conditioning spray was part of the Aussie Brand, which do still test on animals, and I was really struggling to find a brand that didn’t! Luckily, my beautiful Superdrug came to the rescue with the ‘Active Haircare’ range. It leaves my hair feeling fresh, shiny and really easy to comb through after a shower, so I highly recommend!

I also have my two random buys, a Bodyshop ‘face mist’ that I picked up on offer at Animal Care’s Birthday event and a toning body shimmer cream from the brand Nourish, that leaves your skin looking shimmery and golden.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this Holiday shopping blog piece, and I can’t wait to spam my Instagram followers with photos of my holiday (blog piece to follow!).

Ciao. X



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