It’s been a while, I know. But with the stress of moving into a new house, buying furniture and dealing with the fact I now live with a boy (ew.), i’ve not had a whole lot of time!

But after moving in with Kieran, we decided there was room for a furry friend in our lives. We deliberated between Dogs and Cats, finally coming to the decision that a cat would be the best option for us. Although we would’ve loved a small doggy, we couldn’t bare the fact that once Kieran started work, they little guy would be by his/herself all day! And with a lot of breeds being prone to separation anxiety, we decided against it.

So after a couple of days searching, we eventually found Connie, on ‘The Emergency Cat Hotel‘ Facebook page. She was listed as ‘one of the most gentle and loving of cats….she loves human attention and would be a puuuurrfect companion’ – I mean who could resist that? Alongside the fact she’s the most beautiful Ginger Cat I’ve ever seen.


I think it’s so important to adopt cats as opposed to buying them off places like Pets4Homes. I understand the appeal of ‘buying’ a kitten, but there are plenty of cats and kittens in rescues in dire need of a home, who are perfectly lovely!

Anyhow, on Sunday 5th August, Connie the Cat, aged four, entered our lives and we couldn’t have asked for a more loving and gentle addition. She loves to be stroked (especially under her tiny chin), playing with her favourite toys, including pizza, a piece of yarn and recently a laser pointer!


She is the biggest diva I’ve ever met in my life. Most cats would be happy with a comfy cat bed, or even sleeping on the sofa. But no, Connie must also sleep in bed with us as well. On MY pillow. We literally have to rearrange ourselves around her. In fact, just the other night, I woke up to find myself and Kieran on one side of the bed, whilst Connie had a whole half to herself, stretched out, no doubt getting fluff everywhere!


Connie also has the appetite of an Elephant, whether that be her meals of Felix ‘As Good As It Looks’, Dreamies, or the remnants of my yoghurt pot. And if she’s hungry, she’ll let you know with her teeny weeny miaow (essentially the equivalent of puppy eyes!).


Diva-ness and hunger aside, Connie has been the best decision we’ve ever made, it was love at first sight, even if she just thinks we are her slaves! And we know we’re going to have lots of happy years with our new bundle of ginger fur.

Ciao. X

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