This week I had the absolute pleasure of visiting Victor’s in Hale, a Hamptons inspired Restaurant and Bar! It is honestly one of the prettiest places I have eaten at, with gorgeous food and drink!

The Restaurant itself has been beautifully decorated, with lovely purple flowers hanging from the ceiling, emphasising a real whimsical feel. Paired with contemporary, stylish furnishings, it’s both a great place for a long dinner or to enjoy cocktails with friends!



The Food was also amazing! I was able to try the Acocado Dragon Rolls (Smoked tofu, red pepper, marinated hijiki), The Smoked Tofu Bao Bun, and a really lovely Margherita Pizza.




And the Cocktails were simply stunning to look at (tasting equally great)! I tried one called James and The Giant Peach (one of the best cocktails I’ve ever tried!) and another Sweet and Fizzy treat, which unfortunately I’ve forgotten the name of.



Overall, a really lovely place to visit on the outskirts of Manchester, I’ll definitely be returning! You can also watch the video below to see more.

Ciao. X





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