Christmas Wrapping

So, it’s been a fair while since I updated my blog, having started my new job at a social media agency in Manchester! But I’m back now and hope to keep on top of things a little more.

Having taken some inspiration from Pinterest, this year I decided to take wrapping into my own hands. There was so much to choose from, but I decided to go for a ‘natural’ look, incorporating raw materials and plant elements. I decided to use a base of brown paper and then visited a collection of shops to source all my DIY decorations, as shown below!

wool and red string
Red Twine –         String –
small silver bells
Silver Christmas Bells – Pound Shop
Pinecones – Pound Shop
small letters spelling out maisie mouse adventures
Individual Letter Beads – Pound Shop
lace trimming
Lace Trimming – Haberdashery
Natural Gift Tags –
Brown Paper Bags –
brown craft paper
Brown Craft Paper –


Most of my materials were a pound each, other than the brown gift bags, which were incredibly difficult to find! But I was able to source almost everything else from either Wilko’s or Pound Shops. Additionally, I bought these essentials (As shown below) to help make my life a little easier.


Double Sided Tape And Tabs/ Craft Glue/ Washable Markers – Pound Shop


From these materials, I was able to create very special and unique gift wrap for all my presents – from cats through to grandparents! Take a look below to see the result…




For each bag/ gift, I tried to bring together the pinecone, bell and tag which I thought looked really nice. Then, I used the letters on some of the gifts to spell out family members names to add an element of personalisation.

I used a mixture of string, yarn and lace trimming to add a pop of colour as well as a decorative element to each present, each in a slightly different way.

And finally, to simplify things to myself, I stuck to the colours brown, red and green, to create a cohesive look between each of the presents and to add to the festive/natural feel.

Well, that’s all for now, enjoy your Christmas and have a very Happy New Year!

Ciao. X

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