Cheese Fest

If you know me even just a little bit, you’ll know I love cheese.

I’m talking mozzarella dippers, grilled cheese, cheese garlic bread, pizza, halloumi, fondue. You name it, chances are it’s been consumed by me at one time or another.

So to see Cheese Fest advertised on the M.E.N, I knew we had to get tickets to commemorate this righteous occasion.

Tickets cost around £6.00 for two people depending on when you book and include entry, live music and cooking shows. There were a few freebie pieces up for tasting (could’ve been a little more seeing as we paid for entry) but boy there was a LOT of cheese.

Kieran and I settled on sharing a baked camembert and then I also had the worlds best grilled cheese. – And a bottle of wine. Minor detail.

If you’re interested, Cheese Fest tour around the country all the time, and it’s definitely a great day out with some pals to enjoy some good cheese and wine.

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