Hey, I’m Abbie and thanks for visiting my lifestyle blog! 

If you don’t care about what hobbies I do in my spare time (I really wouldn’t blame you) and just want to contact me, then my details are below:





However, If you’re actually interested in what I’m all about, please keep reading!

Why Am I Bothering To Blog?

I’ll have you know that I actually started blogging before it became cool, back when I was 13. I used to look at what was happening in the fashion industry and then basically copy and paste an article off of Vogue and add in a few piccys.

Although I’d like to say I developed a fair bit since then, my blog still encapsulates a lot of what I was doing back then. And don’t even bother trying to find it online. I did a quick Goog-el and it doesn’t appear to exist any more – thank god.

The main reason I’m doing this is that I just really love to write. And blogging means I don’t have to take my writing or myself too seriously. I can write about all the things I love and whether thousands of you or just my mum reads this, I really couldn’t care less.

Here I am, not caring less because APEROL SPRITZ

What’s Your Story?

I’m really not that interesting, I promise.

I started boarding school when I was 13, where I really started to develop a passion for creativity and business, and life has kind of just continued from there.

After school, I went to Lancaster University and studied Advertising with Marketing – I graduated (whoop whoop!), and now I was as an Account Exec at a social media agency in Manchester.

10am Gin

Where in the world am I?

I live in South Manchester with my boyfriend Kieran and our cat Connie.

She actually hates us.

Go on then, what are your hobbies?

Bleurgh, I hate this question.

Well, I guess the obvious two would be writing and photography. However, I have just got back into gymnastics (no, at age 22 I am NOT wearing a leotard mum), which I actually love. Slowly getting there.